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Hire earth moving & access equipment from NZ's smartest fleet.

from NZ's newest, smartest fleet

located in auckland, nz

The next generation of construction equipment hire.

Built in technology gives you location data and job site usage reporting

Get better machine utilisation, more accurate billing and off hire easily to save you time and money - all from our new smart hire app on mobile and desktop. Learn more >

    New, high quality equipment

    Newest fleet in the industry means better performing machines and more up-time on site, making your projects more profitable.

    Dedicated service you can count on

    Our dedicated account managers help you spend less time on admin and logistics. You'll have transparency and responsiveness at every step of your hire.

    Transparency & visibility on your hired machines with the Track app.

    Equipment usage reports

    Track the performance and efficiency of all your hired machinery.


    Set physical boundaries around jobsites and yards to automatically generate reports alerts.

    GPS Tracking

    Locate drivers, reroute around traffic and boost overall efficiency.

    Gain full visibility

    Get full visibility on your hired machinery usage and live and historical locations.

    Reduce rental costs

    Identify under-utilised equipment to avoid unnecessary rental days.

    Improve fleet management

    See all rental machinery activity live in one place and better manage your rental fleet.

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    Invest in machines.

    from NZ's newest, smartest fleet

    located in auckland, nz

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