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Sakai SV520DF

Smooth Drum/Padfoot 11-15T Roller

Soil compaction increases the density of soil. This increases strength and decreases the permeability leading to improved site conditions. Padfoot rollers, also known as ‘sheeps’ foot rollers, are a compaction tool for when an engineered approach is required. Padfoot rollers are used for compacting fine-grained soils such as clays and silty clays. Padfoot rollers are not suitable for clean or course grained soils.‍


Operating Weight: 11,840 kg

Overall width: 2,295 mm

Height: 9,945 mm

Length: 5,840 mm

Drum width: 2,130 mm

Drum type: Smooth/padfoot

Centrifugal force low/high: 172 / 255 kN

Amplitude low/high: 0.73 / 1.50 mm

Safety Notes

Instruction for Use Sheet

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