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Track all hired equipment to better manage gear, spend & time.

SmartHire gives you the live location, status, utilisation and reports on all your hired machines.

from NZ's newest, smartest fleet

located in auckland, nz

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SmartHire is included free with every EquipmentShare hire.

SmartHire capabilities

SmartHire offers advanced telematics tracking including live location, status, utilisation and reports on all of your EquipmentShare rentals, giving you visibility like never before.

Gain full visibility

Gain full visibility on your rental machinery’s live & historical locations, statuses, and usage to improve project margins.

Reduce rental costs

Identify under-utilised equipment to avoid unnecessary rental days, save time & reduce unnecessary cost.

Improve fleet management

SmartHire gives you free access to our Track app. See all rental machinery activity live in one place and better manage your rental fleet.

Shift from 'blind' hire to

Traditionally when hiring equipment, true visibility of utilisation across multiple machines and job sites is limited. With SmartHire all machines have our custom built trackers installed, providing contractors, project managers & financial controllers visibility and control across their hired plant by logging in to the Track app.

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Built by contractors. For contractors.

The ‘Track’ app is built by contractors, for contractors to make construction projects more efficient. With over 30,000 machines connected worldwide. Track is the market leader in construction machinery tracking.

Visibility across all your machines. At all times.

Equipment Usage Reports

Track the performance of all your hired machinery.


Set physical boundaries around equipment yards or job sites.

GPS Tracking

Locate drivers, reroute around traffic and boost overall efficiency.

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